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Heritage Title Company takes pride in excellent customer service and having the best, most experienced employees in the business. See what our customers have to say about us.

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"Ms Walker is amazing that she can figure out exactly what is needed at the closing. Whether it be an extra minute explaining something, or just a smile or small joke to keep it light in the room. / Amazing.....she is"
Rick Dire, Listing Agent - Orena Walker, Escrow Officer

"Gillian is the best closer around / thank you for such a great experience as always"
Judy Myers, Listing Agent - Gillian Godfrey, Escrow Officer

"Dantha is what keeps me at Heritage. Where she goes, I go! I'm sure you know this, but she's a huge asset to Heritage. Jen Ellis started this file because Dantha was on leave. I want to say Jen is wonderful too!!! If Dantha wasn't my person, Jen would be! The entire Highlands Ranch team is amazing and hopefully Heritage is appreciative of them all!"
Kathy Donley-Strickler, Listing Agent - Dantha Stewart, Escrow Officer

"Shelly and all of the team at Heritage Steamboat always does a great job. Thanks, Shelly!"
Randall Hannaway, Selling Agent - Shelly Wu, Escrow Officer

"Patty was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the closing. She answered questions clearly and politely. She went out of her way to inform us about the purpose of every document and guided us through what to expect after the closing was completed. The only reason I didn't give perfect marks is because there was one small issue with the name of the seller on one of the docs. Other than that, everything was wonderful! Absolutely will be recommending Heritage to friends and using you in the future."
Mari Foster, Buyer - Patty Robinson, Escrow Officer

"Just want to say what a pleasure it was to work with Cindy Cogan. She is extremely organized and was very impressed how she handled the closing. Very smooth and we were in and out in no time. / Thank you so much!!"
Debbie Dennis, Selling Agent - Cynthia Cogan, Escrow Officer

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